Federal Election 18 May 2019


How do I vote God's Way?
This was a dangerous election like none before. Labor and the Greens would have introduced hostile anti-biblical policies if elected.


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Letter to the Churches on the 2019 Federal Election
How to Vote God's Way

Letter to the Churches - Print Version
How to Vote God's Way

Letter to All Australians - Secular Version
How to Vote for a Safe Future

Who should I vote for? - leader's debate 8 May 2019
Vote for the truth to save the nation


Post Election Analysis of Religious Freedom Impact

Christians hold up the Centre, by Keving Donnelly

Religious seats punish ALP for loss of freedom, The Australian 25 May 2019

What place did religious faith play in the 2019 Federal election?, ABC

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Family Voice - Know the Key Issues 2019

Australian Christian Values Checklist 2019

ACL Federal Election Policy Analysis

What the Labor Party Stands for - 2019 Overview

What the Liberal Party Stands for - 2019 Overview

Family Council of Victoria Slams Labor/Green Policy

Video: Christian Values Election Checklist - Two Parties (2 min 8 secs)

Video: Christian Values Election Checklist - Seven Parties (2 min 22 secs)

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HOW TO VOTE in the Senate State by State to maximise conservative outcomes

Video on how Preferences work in Australian Elections

Family Voice - What you need to know before you vote for the Senate

Australian Electoral Commission Web Site

  • Where can I vote?
  • Who are my candidiates?
  • How to make your vote count

How to make sure your Vote counts in the Senate

When you vote for the Senate you need to vote in your order of preference for at least 75% of the candidates EITHER ABOVE THE LINE - or - BELOW THE LINE. If you only vote 1-6 above, or 1-12 below, there is a high risk that your vote will exhaust and play no part in deciding the last Senator. 

The only way your vote won't exhaust in Senate elections is to number every square either above - or - below the line.


Click for Articles on Election Issues:

Faith, Family and Freedom

Israel Folau’s religious freedom the defining issue of our time, by Alan Jones

Falou being persecuted by the nation he loves, by Margaret Court

Crucifying Israel Folau, by Pastor Brian Heath

Eight things you need to know about the Israel Folau farce, by Bernard Gaynor

Podcast: Sermon on Israel Folau by Phillip Jensen

Nation in denial on religious revolution, by Paul Kelly

Australia will be poorer if Abbott is defeated, by Greg Sheriden

How did our nation come to this?, by Mark Latham

Video: Mark Latham's maiden speech in the NSW Upper House

Christian Education

Labor will remove key legal protections for Religious Freedom in Schools

The Economy

Expecting Truth from Shorten is a fool's game, by Alan Jones

Vote Shorten and Bowen for the end of the world, by Terry McCrann 

Maliciously selfish motives behind ACTU’s ad splurge, by Henry Ergas 

Climate Change

Fake News: Britain's Week of No Coal Power, by Andrew Bolt

Pricing Labor's Carbon Cuts, by Simon Benson

Biomass fuel: The Great Carbon Con, by Terry McCrann

Coal hard facts undermine Greens, by Judith Sloan

Labor's Catastrophic Climate Change Policy, by John Anderson

Former President of Greenpeace Scientifically Rips Climate Change to Shreds

The truth about climate change is learnt at school, by Prof Ian Plimer

Debunking Bans on Conversion Therapy

Conversion Therapy Success, by James Parker

The Truth about Conversion Therapy, by Martyn Iles

Critique of the Latrobe University Paper - Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice 2019

US National Task Force for Therapy Equality

Labor would Defund Hospitals that don't do Abortions

Would you consider Abortion in these circumstances?

Tania Plibersek Media Release on Abortion, 6 March 2019

ALP's policy attacks family economics, by Chris McCormack of AFA

At this election use your democratic right to vote for parties and candidates who are most likely to represent the values and principles of the Kingdom of God in our nation.

If you wait until ungodly laws are enacted it will be too late!

Authorised by P Kentley

Lion of Judah



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