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Book Reviews

I highly recommend the following books for a good wake up call in the area of spiritual warfare. For those of you like myself who were somewhat complacent about the schemes of the enemy against God's elect in these days. These are a must. One at each end of the spectrum and yet both of great value. On the experience end a Neil Anderson book "Living Free in Christ" (Monarch publications 1993). Most of you will probably know this series.

Another book which brings a balance on the bible teaching side is "How to meet the Enemy" by non other than the well known John Macarthur (Christian arts publishers, or Victor books USA).  He shows the importance of using a bible based approach (the whole armour of God in Ephesians). If you are in any doubt about the conflict, just witnness the amount of Christian marriages under threat at the moment. Just see what is being dished up to the unwary on the TV and Internet.

I would also be happy to prayer partner anyone with real conflict problems right now. Its time to stand our ground , The victory is assured. God Bless you brothers . Hey! keep visiting this site, its super cool - Steve Wright.


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Christian Classics you may have problems finding elsewhere. Click on the photo of Brian and Ruth Neil to go to their home page and then click on "books":


The Marechale
The story of the daughter of William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army in France and Switzerland.


Three friends of God, by Frances Bevan


Letters of Direction.
The account of the life of Abbe De Tourville


The Martyrs of Spain.


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What are you Reading?

"Dear friend, let me ask you: Just what are you reading? Material that is, by its enduring truth and beauty enriching your mind and deepening your soul? Is it material that stands the test of Philippians 4:8 - "Finally...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things."(Phil. 4:8)

Here are some titles devoted to such themes as knowing God intimately, the life of the Cross, personal discipline, understanding and dealing with suffering, individual holiness, and the like...

My Utmost for His Highest - by Oswald Chambers
Celebration of Discipline - by Richard Foster
Imitation of Christ - by Thomas A’ Kempis
Knowing God - by J. I. Packer
Mere Christianity - by C. S. Lewis
Pilgrim’s Progress - by Paul Bunyan (also children's version)
Orthodoxy - by A. K. Chesterton
Songs of Ascent - by E. Stanley Jones
Purity of Heart - by Soren Kierkegaard
The Pursuit of Holiness - by Jerry Bridges
The Saving Life of Christ - by Ian Thomas
With Christ in the School of Prayer - by Andrew Murray
The Pursuit of God - by A. W. Tozer"

From - Dwight Hill.


Movie Reviews


bulletTitles on the theme of "Grace":

Babette's Feast
Forrest Gump
Les Miserable ~ Victor Hugo (author)
Repentance ~ by Tengiz Abuladze

bulletChristian Ratings and Reviews ~ Links:

Christian Spotlight on the Movies
Preview ~ Family Movie and TV Review
Hollywood Jesus

bulletAirborne Reviews

Paradise Road
The Ride

Paradise Road
Civilian women - British, Australian, Dutch and others - interred by the Japanese in Sumatra during World War II - faced starvation, torture and murder. As a survival strategy, they formed themselves into a ''vocal orchestra,'' using handwritten scores re-created from memory, to sing classical symphonies. There was a strong Christian influence of courage and creativity in the face of this adversity.

More than half the singers died before the war ended. Survivors miraculously held onto the scores, which eventually inspired the film from Australian co-writer-director Bruce Beresford.  Paradise Road - the Real Women


The Ride
A 90-minute Christian movie is appearing on prime time television around the United States this week. The Billy Gra ham Evangelistic Association has paid for time on approx. 120 secular stations to show The Ride, its new drama about a rodeo cowboy who is at the end of his rope.

The film will be shown on many of the most popular television stations Aug. 9-15 (1998) with the potential to reach 30 million viewers, the ministry said. It will air on CBS, NBC, ABC, or Fox affiliates in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Boston.

The Ride also is being shown on 2,300 American Airlines flights across North America during the first two weeks of August. The airline liked the film's parallels to the Make A Wish Foundation of America, a philanthropic organization it supports, Tim Morgan of WorldWide Pictures told Religion Today. WorldWide Pictures is the film ministry of the BGEA, which made the film. The foundation grants the wishes of children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses; actor Brock Pierce portrays a dying boy in The Ride.

The movie depicts a hard-living cowboy, played by Michael Biehn of the CBS series Magnificent 7, whose drinking, gambling, womanizing, bad tempter, and money problems lead him to hit bottom. His life changes after he chooses 90 days of community service on a ranch over jail time.

The film is intended to lead non-Christians to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Evangelist Billy Graham introduces the broadcast and his son Franklin makes an appeal to viewers at the end to give their lives to Christ. The younger Graham is an evangelist and also heads Samaritan's Purse, a ministry that supplies food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and Bibles to victims of war, famine, disease, and natural disasters in places such as Bosnia, Romania, Sudan, India, and Lebanon.

A secondary purpose of televising the movie is to demonstrate that wholesome family films can be successful on secular television, the BGEA said.

The Ride received favorable reviews when the BGEA tested it recently in movie theaters in 20 cities. The film has won awards from the International Film and Video Festival, and was named the best evangelistic film by the International Christian Visual Media Awards. Leonard Klady of Variety called The Ride "a graceful and handsome picture," and Ted Baehr of MovieGuide said it "will grip you until the very last moment." The writer and director is Michael Sajbel.

Viewers of all ages have responded well to the film, Morgan said. "It's overtly Christian, but that doesn't seem to bother people, who are encouraged by the upstanding message no matter what their background."

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