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Travel links on the web
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Touchdown city index
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On this page you will find:
General travel sites
Guide books on line
Travel helps
Budget travel sites
Touring the UK


General Travel Sites

City Search
Search for a wide variety of info at selected cities

World Travel Guide
Search the world for your start up info.

Comprehensive site... where they claim the easiest way to book on-line with lowest hotel prices?
Another very comprehensive on-line travel site.

Travelocity - Around the world in 80 seconds!
Look up destinations; places to go and things to do; travel tips and many articles by travel writers. Participate in the weekly realtime chat and browse the travel forums. There's also a shopping section and online reservations service. Incorporating a powerful search facility and great graphics, a visit is worth your while.

Jetset specials - Australia
Listing of travel specials - extensive site.

Leisure Plan
Plan your own holidays instead of working through an agent. Here you can book flights, hotels and cars.

Internet Travel Network
Realtime access to air, car and hotel information and reservation. Over 10,000 members in more than 50 countries. Features a user customisable interface. An excellent site for travel and holiday plans.

Fodor's Travel Site
A great guide to destinations, restaurants and hotels around the world. Know before you go!

Travel Source
An interactive travel resource to hotels, resorts, cruises and specialised vacations.

Travel Spots
A showcase of hotels & resorts, cruises and hoilday adventure trips worldwide. Features a search index of countries/cities and holiday types. Lots of useful travel related information too.

The Travel Channel Online Network
Features here include vacations and getaways, travel facts and opinions, travel talk online forum, "live chat", photo gallery..... the list goes on.

Great Outdoor Recreational Pages
A site featuring travel destinations and information for the adventurous and outdoor types. Trekking, biking, canoeing, wildlife and scuba holidays, etc..... attractions, activities, locations, contact information, etc..... find it all here! There is also an online shopping section for outdoor sports and travel gear, as well as an online bookstore on related subjects.

Hotels & Travels On The Net
Yet another site offering very a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of hotels and travel related resources. Airline and Airport Information, Business Traveller OnLine, CIA World Factbook, Currency Converter, Foreign Languages for Travellers, and much more can be accessed from here.

The Air Traveler's Handbook
This is the homepage of newsgroup. This webpage includes the most comprehensive anotated collection of links to air travel and general travel resources on the Internet.

ASIA ONE - Travel
Travel & sightseeing information including shopping & food guide, hotels and essential facts for countries in South East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc). Australia and New Zealand are also featured. You'll also find the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore's guide to Changi International Airport here as well as the Singapore Online Flight Information Service.


Guide Book Sites

Time Out Magazine
Great travel info at the folowing cities -
Amsterdam  Barcelona  Berlin  Boston  Brussels  Budapest  Chicago  Dublin  Edinburgh & Glasgow Las Vegas   London  Los Angeles  Madrid Miami  New York  Paris  Philadelphia   Prague  Rome  San Francisco   Sydney  Tokyo  Washington DC

Rough Guides
Rough guide travel books to over 80 destinations on line.

Lonely Planet
The Lonely Planet travel guide destinations page.

World Wide Travel Guide
An index of travel business listings from around the globe.

Where Magazine
Monthly magazine produced for some ten European cities, ten Canadian cities and some twenty cities in the US.


Travel Helps

Country and City Guide
A comprehensive guide to the cities of the world! Here you can find up-to-date information of all the major cities. Soak-in all the history & culture, the arts & entertainment; review travel & transportation guides, find maps and such; all from the comfort of your desktop!

World Media Search

Roadnews for Laptop Travellers

Travel info and Services
Getting on-line when away from home base

Credit Card Sites
MasterCard International
American Express
Diners Club Global

Steve Kropla's Help For World Travelers!

World Wide Phone Guide
Phone Plugs Used Around the World.
World Electric Guide
Electric Plugs and Voltages Used Around the World.
International Dialing Codes
World Television Guide
Travel Photo Galleries
Handy Travel Links

Distance between two points
Measure the distance between any two points on earth if you know their Lattitude and Longitude co-ordinates.

Currency converter
These currency converters offer the most complete currency conversion service on the Internet. You can easily get current and historical exchange rates for 164 currencies from 1990 to the present.

Europe VAT recovery
How to recover up to 25% of your business expenses in Europe
VAT (Value Added Tax) refund...
VAT Recovery Corporation
Postfach 40 05 54
50835 Köln
Tel: +49-2234-9839-58
Fax: +49-2234-9839-59

CDC Travel Information
Health information for travellers.

US State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets
A list of warnings, cautions and notices of all countries. Consular information sheets provide information on immigration and health, entry requirements, crime and security details and more.

The Subway Navigator
Find your way around the subway systems of the world. Over 50 cities are listed including Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York and San Francisco.


Budget travel sites

Budget Electronic Travel Desk
Budget homepage, Major airlines homepages & numbers, major hotels homepage links, major rental car homepage links, Travel Planning Software

Endless Journey Travellers Cafe
A virtual meeting place for the budget traveler. With this page and its links, you can gather many of the various tools helpful to the low-budget (or no-budget!) world traveler. Links to travel clubs and organisations.

Shoestring Travel
Shoestring Travel focuses on travel, specifically how people can travel inexpensively. The content comes from other Internet users such as yourself. The editor collects stories and information via E-MAIL and scouts the rec-travel newsgroups to find and post the most interesting and useful ones in the e-zine. This includes hotels, restaurants, airfares, recreation, et. al. Lots of links to other travel servers as well! Check back often!

Student and Budget Travel Guide
This guide was created because the authors felt that none of the existing Internet travel guides adequately met the needs of the student or budget traveler. There are several comprehensive travel guides already available, but they have a more general focus. We've collected resources that we feel would be useful to people planning their trips with an emphasis on economy, as well as those who will be doing all their traveling through the Internet.


Touring the UK
Rail timetables, underground map, guest houses, town info
Train timetables and fares and travel planner.
Hotels, B&B, hostels listings
Hyatt, Hilton, Radison, Savoy & Sheraton chains.
UK and European hotels
Automobile Association information.
Business travelers web site





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