Videos on God's Covenant of Marriage
Gender, Sexuality & Impact on Children

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Gender Identity - Why all the Confusion?
Click here for a 5 min video that challenges the culture on gender confusion
Click here for an outstanding article on gender dysporia.

Lyle Shelton and former Prime Minister John Howard
Click here to watch this short video on why we should vote NO.

Indigenous Leaders Speak out against SSM in Australia
Click here for some short video messages from Indigenous leaders.

Peter Abetz, member of the WA Legislative Assembly speaks on the Consequences of SSM

Andrew Bolt reports on Bullying by SSM activists

Should marriage be limited to one man and one woman?

Help stop Australia's Defence using Public Money to Promote Same Sex Marriage

Desperate Victorian mother goes public about Safe Schools

Don't Cut Parents Out Of Sex Education for Young Children
Watch new video on the so-called 'Safe Schools' program: Paige (mother of 2 and La Trobe student) –“It is contrary to what I am telling her at home. …don’t cut parents out of the conversation ... making sure that if a family has concerns they are not shut down … called bigots.”

Australian Chinese parents want 'Safe' Schools scrapped
CLICK HERE to watch Australian Chinese parents talk about the dangers of the so called 'Safe' Schools program. In August 2016 a group of Australian Chinese parents in NSW organised a petition with 17,000 signatures asking the NSW State Government to scrap the 'Safe' Schools program.

Iceberg advert on Same Sex Marriage
It's not as simple as you think...

Short Video Clips on the (Un) Safe Schools Program

Short Videos on Marriage on the Sydney Catholic Web Site

Child of Gays, Millie Fontana speaks at Parliament House, Canberra.
Published on 23 Sep 2015
Paving the way for children amongst our government wasn't easy, but even at great personal cost it was worth it. This was my first public speech on the topic, and it was in Parliament House Canberra.

Cella White's Story
Mother of four Cella White speaks in detail about how she withdrew her children from Frankston High School in Victoria in order to protect them from the so called 'Safe Schools' Coalition program. A very moving account which every parent must watch -

Steve Bergen talks about his daughter's experiences at a "Safe School"
"Even if we'd said we wanted her to opt out of it, she couldn't."  When Steve's daughter was shown a video about autism, the school sent home a note to parents. But an LGBTI video - in a maths class of all places? No such warning!  Throughout the "Safe Schools" program, classmates would tell Steve's daughter they "hated Christians" - and teachers did nothing to help.

Marriage Reality Videos from Family Voice

  • What's Marriage really about (3 mins)
  • How to respond to calls for :marriage equality"
  • Not alone, It's OK to speak out

The War on Children - Family Watch International
The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda - 10 min version

Vickie Janson from Australian Christians
Speaks on the Sexualisation of children

Wendy Francis on the Sexualisation of Children
2016 ACL Annual Conference:

HIV/AIDS Reduction
Research on measurable outcomes on the comparative impact of High Risk Behaviours and Christian Principles  - produced by Family Watch International:

Understanding Same Sex Attraction
This documentary is an eye-opening experience for many as it presents clear evidence showing that no one is "born gay" -  produced by Family Watch International:

What is Marriage?
A brief animation of the existing Australian Marriage Act - what it legislates, what it doesn't and why:

Defining Marriage for Australian Churches
Expert panel with:

  • Karl Faase (host), Senior Pastor at Gymea Baptist Church, Sydney
  • John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister
  • Professor Patrick Parkinson AM, specialist in family law, child protection
  • Patricia Weerakoon, sexologist
  • Dr Allan Meyer, pastor and author
  • Helen Meyer, educator and counsellor

Dawn Stefanowicz's Story
Both of Dawn's biological parents had same-sex relationships. Dawn tells her story and explains what living with same-sex marriage in Canada has been like for the past 10 years:

Dawn Stefanowicz - The Impact of LGBT Parenting & Children's Well-Being
Dawn Stefanowicz is an internationally recognized speaker, author and media spokesperson. On her website she has provided news articles and research since 2006, and is a full-time licensed accountant (CPA). Through her book, “Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting,” Dawn acknowledges that children are impacted long-term by various family structures and living arrangements. She addresses legislation affecting children and advocates for children and families.

The Cost of 'Equality' - Melbourne, 20 August 2015
Dr. Ryan T. Anderson is the world's foremost expert on the marriage debate. Ryan came to Australia to give his clear reasons as to why Australia should retain the current definition of marriage and why same-sex marriage isn't helpful for society.

Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality

Brendan O'Neil articultes the challenge facing gay marriage opponents
Atheist-Marxist blogger and defender of Christian values:



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